Friday, April 13, 2007

First ICC CC Game Completed

This is the first result since I started playing CC again on ICC this year.

On ICC I am FortyShorty. Shijith, my opponent, is in India. In the Quad format each player has two games versus the other three opponents. In this game I used a Catalan as White and he responded with a Neo-Gruenfeld.

Black was ok until 11...e6. That completely limits his light bishop when it had a beautiful diagonal and makes his dark squares around the King very weak.

I also thought a big mistake for Black was to open up the game when White had such superior development. Exchanging on 18...Bxf4 further weakening the King side dark squares hurt, too.

Once the Knight was embedded at f6 is was all but over.

So... The first result from ICC correspondence is a win! :)

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  1. Hey Steve,

    Nice win! Just saying hi man.



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