Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Update

The recently started ICCF WS/O/120 is in the very early stages. None of the games have proceeded past the first four moves. One game has not had a single move.

Nothing major has transpired in the other two events, either.

In Correspondence news, Susan Polgar has posted another entry about CC chess. GM Polgar is asking for CC web sites to list on that entry so be sure to see if there is a favorite of yours that has not yet been mentioned. Yours truly was linked (thanks to Anthony for the plug and GM Polgar for the link).

Mike Nolan posted on the USCF Forums on Thursday that Alex Dunne had completed all correspondence rating updates on Monday (April, 16th). This is welcome news and we all hope that the USCF will continue the recent improvements regarding CC chess. One thing I would like to see, failing a return of FM Dunne's column to the print Chess Life, is for his Chess Life Online column, Check Is In The Mail, to be made available via newsreader/blog protocol (RSS, Atom, etc...)

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