Sunday, April 22, 2007

ICCF Server Update

Two new Items announced at the ICCF Server:

Server upgrade
Friday, April 20, 2007: has been published, with many new interesting features
This is a list of the non-administration new features:
1- Live display area
2- Events are now listed by long(regular) and short(abreviated) names for easier identification
3- Improved rating list with more search options
4- Notification about 40-day rule violation is sent to both players, not just TD
5- TD may now participate in his own event
6- Players can take more than one board in a team event
7- Complete redesign of Game screen
8- Redesign of event index
9- Redesign of tournament crosstables
Some of these features will be subjected to minor changes in the near future, but we did not want to wait longer to publish the upgrade. Please give us your feedback or contact helpdesk for problems.


Few problems noticed after server update
Saturday, April 21, 2007: Please follow these steps to solve them
We have received reports of problems related to cached pages ("unhandled error) and /or scripts (cannot move pieces on the game screen).
These errors seem to happen mostly with Firefox and Netscape but they also occur in Internet Explorer depending on your cache settings in the browser's options.
To solve them please go to the server site and try to refresh the page. If this doesn't work please try clearing your browser cache.

The improvements are nice. The ratings list is much easier to search. The playing area takes a little getting used to without the left side menu but is more functional after you get used to it. Looking up tournaments is a complete knew adventure, but allows more information which is always desirable. Great job ICCF!

[EDIT @ 0949]
This was just posted:
Sunday, April 22, 2007: Service Disruption, 22/04/07 - 01/05/07
The ICCF Website is currently being upgraded with new features and a modified design. During this time there may be a need to take the website 'off-line'. All disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum, but if you are unable to log-in to, please try again in a short while.

Progress hurts...

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