Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday Addendum

Several items came up after the Friday Update.

- I have another victory on ICC Correspondence. Shijith resigned our second game on the 29th move. I'll post the game after I have had a chance to review it.

- Susan Polgar has posted another correspondence chess item on her blog. This is the third correspondence chess blog entry from GM Polgar in the last week or so. While this one is simply a promised update on links for correspondence chess, it and the other entries by GM Polgar serve to raise CorrChess's visibility.

Despite my disagreement with GM Polgar in the first instance, I am very grateful for her interest and promotion of this aspect of the royal game. I have become an avid reader of her blog and suggest it to anyone looking for enjoyable chess content.

- Anthony spoke of entering a Walter Muir E-Quad to be held on ICCF's web server by the USCF's Correspondence Chess Director Alex Dunne. That intrigued me, so I tried to register for a Muir quad on Friday for the web server as is advertised on the web page. The gentleman that answered the phone could not find a web server option, only email Muir quads... Joan DuBois was out of the office but the gentleman stated he would print out the web page (he saw the same thing I did) and place it on her desk for clarification. I'll let you know when I find out something definite. Playing USCF events on a web server would be wonderful!

- The ICCF web server appears to be down this morning. Hopefully it will be back up soon.
[EDIT] 7:15am Received the following from ICCF:

Dear Steve,

please go to in your browser and try to refresh the
There was the server update, and pages cached in your browser may no longer
be working.

Your browser may be caching an old version of a script on the game screen.
Please try to refresh the game screen in your browser. If that does not
help, you can try cleaning your browser cache. Let me know if this doesn't

Sincerely, yours
Martin Bennedik

And it now works for me. I did have an old page in the cache that was not updating with the new server update.

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  1. Steve, I'm not sure why the person at USCF couldn't find the Muir e-quads, but you can enter online here:

    (Click on the bishop.)

    It's still called the "Walter Muir e-quad," but it's all played on the webserver, as noted here:

    Man, they do not make it easy to find things on that web site....

    And congratulations on your win!


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